ENEM 2011

How's your mood? For an interesting attempt to measure cause and effect try Mappiness, a project run by the London School of Economics, which offers a phone app that prompts you to record your mood and situation. The Mappiness website says: "We're particularly interested in how people's happiness is affected by their local environment - air pollution, noise, green spaces, and so on - which the data from Mappiness will be absolutely great for investigating."

Will it work? With enough people, it might. But there are other problems. We've been using happiness and well-being interchangeably. Is that ok? The difference comes out in a sentiment like: "We were happier during the war." But was our well-being also greater then?

Disponível em: http://www.bbc.co.uk. Acesso em: 27 jun. 2011 (adaptado)


O projeto Mappiness, idealizado pela London School of Economics, ocupa-se do tema relacionado


ao nível de felicidade das pessoas em tempos de guerra.


à dificuldade de medir o nível de felicidade das pessoas a partir do seu humor.


ao nível de felicidade das pessoas enquanto falam ao celular com seus familiares.


à relação entre o nível de felicidade das pessoas e o ambiente no qual se encontram.


à influência das imagens grafitadas pelas ruas no aumento do nível de felicidade das pessoas.

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